Top 5 Friends of the Church:

This website is devoted to Singer, Songwriter, Philosopher, and “greatest poet who ever lived”, Coldplay’s Chris Martin. While there are many sites covering his musical career, this is the only one which concerns his PHILOSOPHICAL and SPIRITUAL ideas. The modern world faces spiritual crisis. We need guidance, but where do we look for it? Church attendance is at an all time low, yet Coldplay’s popularity continues to climb.

Lets take it back to the start”
 “The spotlight shines upon you”
 “If you could see it then youd understand”
 “You’re the one that I wanted to find”
 “Tell me you’re secrets and ask me you’re questions”

A Warning Sign –

 Batman Begins – I suppose the reason, I’ve always liked Batman is that unlike all the other superheroes, he does’nt actually have any superpowers. He ca’nt fly, was’nt bitten by a mutated spider, or changed by radiation – he’s just a regular guy with some hi-tech toys and something to prove.

A lot like Chris Martin, really.

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